The Roger Scott St Pauls Trust Grants for Pupil Barristers

A charity to relieve the financial hardship of pupil barristers at St Pauls Chambers, by providing scholarships supplementing pupillage awards.

Who is the Roger Scott St Pauls Grant Available to?

Grants are available to qualifying Pupils of St Pauls Chambers. Applications are invited in writing by the trustees, on the Pupil Application Form. Applications will be considered by the trustee: Diana Scott, Andrew Stubbs, Jeremy Barnett, and Sophie Mitchell.

What is the Grant Intended For?

It is anticipated that grants will be made to assist with day-to-day living expenses where appropriate, and also for one-off items of business-related expenditure, such as computer hardware.

The criteria applied by the trustees will be individual need and financial hardship, and so any application should include details of the use to which any grant would be put, as well as the individual circumstances of the applicant. All applicants will, of course, be treated in confidence.

The Trustees hope that the award of any grant will enable the applicant to go on and establish a successful career in St Pauls Chambers, and that by providing assistance when times are hard, we will help applicants to reach a more stable financial position.

We have some documents to provide more insight into the life and character of Roger, with Chambers’ Memories of Roger Scott and Roger Scott’s Eulogy. He was always ready and willing to help members of Chambers in whatever way he could.

A Final Note

The Trustees would like to think that, if those who receive a grant are ever in a position to be able to offer the same kind of help themselves, they would remember how the Trust helped them and feel able to contribute to its fund to allow work to continue.

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