St Pauls Chambers aim to provide the highest level of service at competitive rates. All publicly funded barrister fees are based on the graduated fee schemes and scales of remuneration in force at the time.

If you require further information regarding barrister fees, our Fees Clerk will be happy to assist. Simply call us on 0113 2455866.

Privately funded barrister costs are normally charged at an hourly rate, taking into account the following:

Court Hearings

  • The nature of the hearing.
  • Estimate of preparation time.
  • Estimate of time spent in court.
  • Complexity or novelty of case.
  • Number and importance of documents to be considered.
  • Any travel undertaken.
  • Seniority of counsel.
  • Lateness of instruction.

Financial Remedy Hearings – Fixed fees for Counsel

For matters concerning assets of over £500,000 but not more than £1.5m, we are able to offer fixed fees for counsel. Consultations with counsel begin at £1000 + vat. For appearances at the first hearing, fees begin at £1750 + vat and for attendance at the financial dispute resolution hearing, fees start at £2500 + vat.

Written Work

  • Time taken, including preparation and research to complete the work.
  • Complexity of the case and issues at stake.
  • Urgency of the work.
  • Seniority of counsel.
  • Skill, special knowledge and responsibility involved.

Fees for court hearings must be agreed in advance and will often be referred to as the ‘brief fee’. The ‘brief fee’ will be based on the various factors as listed above and Chambers is not obliged to provide a detailed breakdown of fees. In certain circumstances to ensure Counsel’s availability for a hearing, a brief fee will be required to be deemed payable, if not actually delivered and the appropriate fee charged.

Fees for written work are not always agreed in advance because we prefer to see the instructions or papers in order to assess the case before giving an estimate. Please contact the Senior Clerk for further details.

A Conditional Fee Agreement is available in appropriate circumstances.

Any fee agreed will be noted on our computerised records and can be confirmed in writing for your file if required. Work done is also recorded ensuring that fees can be substantiated by reference to the amount of time spent on the work. Please contact the Fees Clerk, if you require further details of clarification.

Public Access Fees

A barrister may charge in any of the flowing ways (or a combination thereof):

  1. A fixed barrister fee for the entire case, advice or work required, as agreed with the client
  2. An hourly rate, as agreed with the client with an estimate of the number of hours that may be involved.
  3. Fixed barrister costs for each stage of work undertaken by the barrister

Terms of Business

Chambers will render a fee note on completion of the work or at regular intervals in a long-running case. We also provide fee notes upon request.

All accounts in respect of work undertaken on a private fee basis (court work and paperwork) are to be settled within 28 days of the fee note being submitted. If fee notes are not paid within 28 days we reserve the right to do no further work on the case until further payment is received. If you wish to make alternative arrangements please contact the Senior Clerk. We adhere to the Bar Council’s Code of Practice for progressing payment of fees.

For barrister fees legal aid and for Conditional Fee Agreements, we will write to you at intervals requesting updates on the progress of the case and when you think the case is likely to conclude. A prompt response to barrister fees legal aid and Conditional Fee Agreements requests will enable us to keep our records up to date and avoid sending you unnecessary reminders.

For details on the latest guidance on legal aid fees please visit our website

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