Nick Worsley takes his Oath as King’s Counsel

A proud day for the Worsley family on Monday 27th March, when Nick Worsley was sworn in as Kings Counsel. Sam Green KC, Joint Head of Chambers and Jayne Drake, Senior Clerk joined Nick alongside his family and friends to celebrate the day.

WestminsterSt Pauls Kings Counsel Brass Plaque

Nick took his place at the front of Westminster Hall at 11am on Monday 27th March. Each King’s Counsel is accompanied by his/her clerk and five guests. The Silks are seated at the front of the Hall with the guests behind and the clerks at the back. At 11am, the Lord Chancellor, Dominic Raab arrived in Westminster Hall, in procession, preceded by the Clerk of the Crown. Following some words of welcome the Lord Chancellor invited the King’s Counsel present to make the declaration starting with the first King’s Counsel honoris causa who was called by the Clerk of the Crown to take their Oath. Upon having their name called they rise, walk to the microphone on the red carpet, bow to the Lord Chancellor and read aloud the declaration in full. When the Oath has been taken they receive their Letters Patent of Appointment (The red folder) from the Lord Chancellor and bow. They take a standing position on the south steps by a Doorkeeper. The remaining Counsel honoris causa are called in turn, rise, move to the microphone, bow to the Lord Chancellor and read a shorter version of the declaration. When the last King’s Counsel was called, collected their Letters Patent and taken up position on the south steps, the Lord Chancellor departed Westminster Hall. King’s Counsel give a final bow as he passes.

Middle Temple

Nicholas Worsley KC and Jayne Drake of St Pauls ChambersThe next stop is the Temple. It is tradition for the Bar Clerks to make arrangements for the Silks (particularly those based in the North) to have some time in the Temple for celebratory drinks. This is an opportunity to meet with the High Court Judges and extend the guest list to family and friends. After an hour or so, when champagne is quaffed and canapés eaten we head over to the Royal Courts of Justice to take our places for the bowing in before the Lord Chief Justice. Family and friends get an opportunity to be part of this experience which makes it all the more special for the Silks involved.

The Royal Courts of Justice

King’s Counsel enter on the left of the court and wait at the end of the Silks’ bench in seniority order until the Lord Chief Justice has made a brief speech and invites them by name to “take your seat within the Bar”. Each in turn goes to the centre of the bench and bows to the Lord Chief Justice; turns to the left to bow to the next junior Silk (who bows back); turns to the right to bow to the next senior Silk (who bows back); turns to the right again to bow to the Junior Bar before sitting down. The Lord Chief Justice then says “Nicholas Worsley do you move” The King’s Counsel rises, bows to the Lord Chief Justice and takes up a position at the right-hand end of the Silks’ bench to bow to the next Silk.

A visit to Daley’s

After all this bowing there is usually a pitstop to Daley’s Wine Bar on the corner of the Strand to take some refreshments.

Back to The Royal Courts of Justice

The ceremonial part of the day is completed with a bowing in before the Northern Judges; Lord Justice Holroyde KC, Lord Justice Edis, Mr Justice Goose, and Mr Justice Hilliard.

A wonderful day with so many elements. A day to remember for all concerned and a privilege to be part of.

Nick Worsley KC takes his place at the top of the board and looks ahead to the support he will receive from St Pauls Chambers and joins his fellow Silks.

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Nicholas Worsley KC

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