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Using a barrister on your case

Recent Government cuts in family legal aid have resulted in more people attempting to represent themselves.  Why not look into the Public Access Scheme a little further to find out how a barrister may be able to help you do as much of the work yourself as possible. 

Using a barrister - the public access scheme

A barrister can advise you on your legal rights, draft and send documents for you and represent you in court, tribunals or mediations. A barrister can also negotiate on your behalf and can attend interviews and hearings where appropriate.

Usually your solicitor will instruct a barrister to give detailed legal advice on your case and represent you in court. But through the public access scheme, you can instruct a barrister directly without going through a solicitor. This could save you money as you would only be paying for a barrister instead of a barrister and a solicitor.

The barrister would be able to deal with many aspects of your case, but you may have to help in some areas including filing documents with the court.

The scheme is available for all types of work that barristers do except for work that is funded by legal aid. This means that if you are eligible for legal aid, a barrister should advise you to see a solicitor. If you are not sure whether you can get legal aid, you should contact a solicitor who does legal aid work. If you are not sure whether your case would be suitable for the public access scheme, you should contact a barrister to get an opinion.

You can find more information about instructing a barrister and the public access scheme on the Bar Council website at www.barcouncil.org.uk.

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