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SRA and Blockchain Event

Jeremy Barnett to speak at major SRA and Blockchain Events

Jeremy Barnett is speaking at the MBL conference on SRA Regulation and Professional Conduct on November 19th in London. He is covering the topic of Interventions and other internal SRA regulatory hearings. 

He is also speaking on Blockchain regulation and policy at the Barcelona Blockchain Solutions World event on October 16th, where he is dealing with the topic ' How disruptive technologies are transforming the built environment'. 

In addition, Jeremy will be addressing an informal meeting of the Sheffield Legal Hackers, which is part of the Global Hackers movement. Jeremy will again cover the use of Blockchain solutions in conjunction with AI and IOT for the construction sector, and also developments in the law of algorithms.  


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The MBL conference on SRA regulation and professional conduct is a prestigious event where a number of practitioners who specialise in Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal [SDT] and advising on general compliance issues are speaking. Jeremy is concentrating on Interventions and other internal SRA disciplinary hearings, having appeared in two recent leading High Court cases which have considered the law in this niche area. 

Although interventions can be highly contentious, due to lack of funding by those who are subject to intervention by the SRA, it is rare for cases to be contested beyond an initial objection. Jeremy will deal with the legal framework and what other steps should be taken if a determined effort is to be made to stop the process in its tracks.

Together with Ian Coupland at Lewis Nedas, Jeremy also advised in a substantial case where the SRA were persuaded not to intervene following written representations and a package of measures being introduced to deal with public interest issues that had arisen.

Jeremy also has a longstanding interest in the use of Blockchain technologies together with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. He recently gave evidence before the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence and has published papers with Professor Philip Treleaven at UCL on the Law of Algorithms and also Algorithmic Dispute Resolution. 

Jeremy is a founder and director of the Construction Blockchain Consortium [CBC] at UCL, which is the leading global research and networking group, with branches recently being established in Washington, New York and LA.



Thursday 20th September 2018     Sheffield Legal Hackers    Sheffield 

Monday 19th November 2018         MBL SRA Regulation and Professional Conduct 2018        London  

Tuesday 16th October 2018            Barcelona Blockchain Solutions World, Where Industries meet Blockchain at FIRA,   Barcelona 


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