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Sports Law Team 10k Race


St Pauls Chambers – Sports team – Leeds 10k – My Race Report

The 9th July 2017, the day when St Pauls chambers sports law team participated in their inaugural fundraising run. I had spent the day before carb loading, well sat having a few beers and smoking a few cigarettes but all good preparation. I appreciate that I must be the most frustrating of runners in that I like a drink and a smoke but can also run quite a distance non-stop, anyway back to the day.

6 AM my alarm went off, not the nice beeping of an alarm to slowly raise you from the land of nod, more the energetic charging into your room of a two year old closely followed by the babbling of a 6 month old. Not the ideal preparation for a run but this is my life and at least being up at this time should mean that I am ready to set off in time. Nope, still late! A mad rush to chambers ensues where I am to meet the rest of the team namely Stephen Elphick and Charlie Greenwood of counsel and Myself, Nick Dolan and Richard Wrighttheir clerks. There were meant to be a couple of others but due to work commitments and hastily arranged holidays (Daisy Duthie) it was ultimately down to us five.

I didn’t, in the weeks before, notice much in the way of a competitive under current in chambers, to be fair I didn’t notice much in the way of training either. Only Richard could be said to have done anything resembling structured training. I, with my penchant for dismounting spectacularly from my bike and ending up in the LGI (twice in the 8 weeks prior to the race), was running to and from work. Nick had joined the Gym but I think that the tour of the Gym and the walk up to sign the membership were the sum total of his efforts as he did say in the week before the race that he hadn’t run since early June. Stephen and Charlie with their court commitments made it hard to gauge how much training they were doing, being barristers though I doubt that they wouldn’t be underprepared.

9 AM arrives and we all leave chambers on our way to the start line on vicar lane. First to leave the group were Nick and Richard who, due to their predicted times, were green runners. Next was Stephen who made his way to the red start and finally Charlie and myself as blue runners made our way rather nervously to what seemed awfully close to the serious runners at the front. Thankfully any fears were allayed when over my shoulder to my left was a 6 foot furry Rhinoceros stood on its hind legs (to be fair, considering the costume he did it in a respectable 1 hour 25 minutes).

The weather at the start of the race was perfect, not for a run but for a nice afternoon in a beer garden. The temperature at 9:30 was approaching 20 Celsius, thankfully not a problem in the first couple of kilometres as it is through the city but once on the long run to Kirkstall it became a bit sweaty! The cold water provided became warm, the water showers felt like hot water being poured over your head, special mention does though go out to the previously mentioned chap in the Ronnie the Rhino outfit, pretty sure that would have to have been peeled off him at the end.

Anyway I am thankful to report that all of the team made it to the end of the race without injury (minor heatstroke perhaps) raising at present £510 for the Leeds Rhinos foundation, and I must say none of us look the worse for wear to say we have run 6 miles in scorching heat.


I lied, Nick on the left is a lovely shade of red, Richard looks asleep, Charlie and Stephen look surprisingly okay and I have hidden my face, should perhaps have hidden the beer since it was 10:30 but we earned it!

As a final note, I won’t mention everybody’s times but as I have written this I’d like to add that I was first man back from chambers, in fact I was 815th out of 7053.

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