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Life Time Ban Overturned

Ann Marie Gregory received a remarkable result yesterday at Preston Magistrates Court in managing to over turn what was to be a life time ban for a lady who the RSPCA described as one one off the worse cases of animal cruelty they had ever come across.

The case involed over 247 dogs being kept in one house. Whilst the DJ agreed this was a case of serious magnitude he, 6 years on, accepted that the defendant had shown extreme remorse and that based on expert evidence that she had overcome what was a prolonged grief disorder following the loss of her son. It was the district Judge view that all the evidence pointed to the fact this lady regonised the reasons that led to her being in the position she found herself in 2005, was extremely remorseful and had moved on in her life with the assitance of professional help.

Ann Marie has supported this lady for the past 6 years and is delighted that the court finally regonised the causes of her animal hoarding was borne out of grief and not not malcious intent or any intent to cause suffering to any animal. The defendant had a mental illness which she has overcome and which the court acecepted yesterday she had overcome.

It is to Ann Marie's credit that she never gives up on a client and fights hard to see that justice is finally achieved.

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