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How will I be charged

Members of the public access team cover many different areas of law and will provide legal advice and representation to cover all needs.

How can I pay?

Payments for legal advice and representation can be made over the telephone with a credit or debit card.  We accept cheques and bank transfers.

How will I be charged? 

A barrister usually charges according to their level of experience, the complexity of the case and the length of time involved in dealing with it. It is very important that you and the barrister agree from the outset the basis upon which you are to be charged for work and the time at which the fee will become payable.  Most barristers will offer a fixed fee for pieces of work and attendances at courts and tribunals.

All fees will be agreed in advance of the work being done. The barrister will require the fee to be paid before carrying out the work.

In most cases you will be encouraged to attend a 30 minute consultation (in person or by telephone) with one of our barristers.  There is NO CHARGE for this.  You will not receive legal advice at this consultation but you will be advised on the next stages available to you and it may provide you with some direction to move your case forward.

What if I qualify or may qualify for public funding?

If you could be eligible for public funding, you are advised to approach a solicitor.  If you are confident you have explored all the funding options available to you, you may discuss with your barrister instructing him/her on a privately funded basis.  You will be advised without any obligation.

The Legal Services Commission do provide an eligibility calculator on their website but Chambers would advise you to seek the guidance of a solicitor to be absolutely certain of your eligibility.

You must be clear what you would be entitled to before opting to fund your case on a private basis. 

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