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Family Law

Family law barristers specialising in the financial consequences of divorce and the breakdown of relationships between cohabittees. In addition, St Pauls’ barristers advise in all legal matters concerning children. Call 0844 272 2322.


As a consequence of any partnership dispute, the impact on the children must be an important factor in how the legal proceedings are handled. The barristers at St Pauls recognise the sensitivity involved when managing cases involving children and as well as drawing upon their expert knowledge of the law.

  • International and Private Child Law  Our specialist children law lawyers are frequently instructed by parents, grandparents and children eager to hold on to their special relationships with their, respectively, children, grandchildren or siblings, often against intractable opposition from the child’s other primary carer. 
  • Care and Adoption St Pauls' Barristers recognise that it is the role of the experienced child care lawyer to challenge and test all the evidence that arises in such proceedings to ensure that outcomes such as removal and adoption are only achieved when absolutely necessary and only ever when in the child’s best interests.
  • Child Abduction/Jurisdiction Whether it is a child’s removal from or to the UK, or a child’s retention in or away from the UK, St Pauls Chambers offers child abduction barristers available to advise and assist in cases of international child abduction.
  • Local Authority The Local Authority may need to go to Court and obtain a Court Order. St Pauls Chambers child care barristers regularly represent parties in such child care proceedings.

Financial Disputes

The family lawyers at St Pauls have extensive experience acting for both men and women following the breakdown of their marriage or relationship. Our family barristers regularly deal with cases in both the County and High Courts involving disputed property ownership, injunctions, jurisidiction issues, trusts, valuation of private companies, and pensions. St Pauls handle cases with values ranging from modest amounts to many millions.

  • Ancillary Relief  Not all cases are suitable for mediation or the collaborative process. If a case is to go to trial it is important to ensure that you have the best family barrister to advise on tactics, evidence, litigation risks and to represent your case at the final hearing.
  • Private Dispute Resolution Since April 2010 couples have been able to instruct a specialist barrister directly to advise them jointly. Whilst the advice cannot bind either party and the barrister could not go on to represent either individual both parties have the advantage of an early and neutral opinion from a specialist with years of experience of the outcomes achievable through the court process. 
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements Members of the Family Team have a sound commercial understanding of the practical issues arising out of pre – nuptial agreements. Our Barristers combine a pragmatic approach with a sound and thorough understanding of this fast moving area of family law.
  • Inheritance Act Our family law barristers act and advise in cases on behalf of spouses, former spouses, civil partners, cohabitants and children (including adult children and other dependants).
  • Trusts We have expert family lawyers at all levels who have the expertise to deal with relatively straightforward cases involving discretionary trusts, as well as more complex corporate arrangements where it is necessary to seek orders to extract assets from trust structures.

Family Law Arbitration

Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution. The parties enter into an agreement under which they appoint a suitably qualified person (an “arbitrator”) to adjudicate a dispute and make an award. The scheme covers: financial disputes arising from divorce; claims on inheritance from a child, spouse, etc; financial claims made in England and Wales after a divorce abroad; claims for child maintenance between unmarried parents; disputes about ownership of a property between cohabiting couples and civil partnership financial claims. Disputes will be resolved exclusively by applying the laws of this country, in the same way as the Family Courts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation

Many couples wish to explore other ways to resolve disputes between them before resorting to court. The barristers at St Pauls are able to assist couples either before or during the court process by providing mediation services.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law differs form mediation because each person appoints their own specialist lawyer . The parties and their lawyers commit to a "participation agreement" and work together in face to face four way meetings to achieve a settlement of the case. Within that process the lawyers and the separating couple commit to working as a team. The specialist divorce barristers at St Pauls are able to assist that team.

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