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Children Need Responsible Parents

FREE FAMILY LAW MEETINGS - Commencing Monday 19th May 2014


I offer FREE meetings where anyone can who is experiencing difficulty with an ex partner about RESIDENCE and CONTACT issues can receive support, advice and guidance in an informal and friendly setting. The meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at the offices of St Pauls Chambers, Leeds. Meetings commence Monday 19th May 2014. The meetings start at 5:30pm and all advice is FREE. No appointment is necessary (Sat Nav: LS1 2NP)


Parents have rights, responsibilities and obligations in relation to their children. Sometimes when parents break up one or both of them tend to focus on their rights more than their responsibilities and obligations. Whilst this is very natural, one of the main problems with a parent adopting this approach is that considerations about what is in the child’s best interests can stop being the main focus.

When one parent is focusing more on their rights rather than what is in the best interests of the child, communications between both parents can become strained, difficult and too often nonexistent. Arrangements about who will care for the child (Residence) and who will see the child and when (Contact) unfortunately become ‘opportunities for arguments’ or ‘a show of strength’.

If parents seek good legal advice early on about residence and contact issues, they will often find ways of reducing the hostility and bitterness and of getting sensible arrangements in place without the need to go to Court.

There are of course going to be situations where despite the best intentions of one parent, sensible arrangements cannot be put in place because of the actions of the other, and in these situations the matter may need to go to Court to be resolved.

If the matter goes to Court it is useful for both parents to have the following in mind: 

  • In deciding questions of Residence and Contact, the Welfare of the Child is the Court’s PARAMOUNT consideration.
  • Disputes about which parent the child should live with (RESIDENCE) can be settled by making an application to court (on a Form C100 which can be downloaded from the internet) for a Residence Order.
  • The same form is used to make an application for a Contact Order.
  • A child has a right to Contact.
  • There is a presumption of contact unless there are very good reasons against it (e.g. there is a real and significant risk associated with letting the other parent have contact)
  • The Court’s options can be to make:
  • A Residence Order;
  • A Shared Residence Order;
  • An Order for Direct, or Indirect, or Supervised Contact;
  • An Order for No Contact;
  • No Order
  • Once a Residence Order is made no person can change the child’s surname or remove the child from the UK (except for up to a month) without the written consent of all persons with Parental Responsibility (usually just the parents), or permission of a Court.
  • Domestic violence is a serious factor to be considered by the Court, but it is not an automatic bar to contact.

FREE LEGAL ADVICE in an informal setting. Children Need Responsible Parents (CNRP) meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at the offices of St Pauls Chambers, Leeds, LS1 2NP and are chaired by me, Andrew Nixon, Family Law Barrister. Anyone wishing to attend need NOT make an appointment. SIMPLY TURN UP between 5:30pm and 5:45pm for the HOUR LONG MEETING and you’ll receive free advice, support and guidance from an expert in Family Law. Meetings commence on Monday 19th May 2014.

If you want any further information please call 0845 245 5866 to find out more.

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